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We will pick you up at the hotel in Lovina area on the hour: 14:00 and started traveling up into the mountains 10 minuet trip we will get a very beautiful hill, we'll see a spectacular panorama of the beautiful, from here you can also enjoy the beach lovina from the top of a hill,see also how these great see budhist temple,  you will also see the sea from a height of 6 km
GREAT EKSPERIENCE TO YOU,,  than we countinue this trip to see traditional balinese life,land scape garden,people doing bamboo handy
traditioan house in central village

After taking foto from the top of the hill, we will continue the journey to the location of trekking, around 20 minutes we will arrive, and start trekking towards the fertile agricultural area that many in  various types of trees such as clove, durian, cacao, vanilla, coffee, and  many plantations  and you can see people doing bamboo handy,one hour trip you can see the spice garden,vanilla tree until in central village,people say,, hello,hello,, to you,they are very friendly,they are smile to you,,
than we are visit traditional  house,,,we call the house is bale gajah tumpang salu it, means :  UNIQUE HOUSE,
This home has unique characteristics if we compare it with modern Balinese houses where all the activities done in the room,praying,cooking,sleeping,eating, have 2 bed,s the real bali,,,,,  we are finish Trekking tour,find bali last ago in this village

Start :13.00_17.00pm
Price :$ 20/person
Childs ; $ 10/person
Minimum: 2person
Price including :transport,local guide,mindral water,ticket.
Please book one day before.




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